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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Fashion: Mint Shorts in for the Match.

Shirt: Primark
Shorts: New Look
Shoes: Primark
Bag: New Look
Watch: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: Primark

Excuse the photo I had to get my friend to take a quick snap and seeing as he's a lad I don't think he'd appreciate me posing away by the side of St. Paul's Cathedral. I love my new mint shorts they are so versatile and I love this outfit. It's really comfortable and quite dressed up without being too put together. To sum it up it was perfect for walking around all day and transitioned perfectly into the evening. I did have a little black cardigan from Primark in my bag for when the rain made an appearance. 

Hey i just realised this outfit goes with my blog design....

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Lifestyle: The England Match in London.

Yesterday I headed down to London to visit a good friend of mine and couldn't have picked a better day. Okay the weather decided it wanted to mess with us and my attire wasn't exactly appropriate for the wet spells (OOTD to follow) but where better to support England in the world cup than in the capital?

We started our day out at Tower Bridge for a long walk to St Paul's all the way down to Waterloo. We sat on the steps of the cathedral with all the tourists catching up after not seeing each other in four months and wandered down the Millennium Bridge where we came across a man colouring in chewing gum into funky shapes. It was so strange but kind of cool; not sure it's a hobby I'd like to have. The sun started to come just as we hit South Bank which is definitely my favourite place to go in London there's always something going on; Mars were there handing out free ice creams!

Next stop was Shoreditch to have a tinker around Spitafields and grab some drinks at The Big Chill. It was around 5 and the atmosphere was beginning to heighten for the match. Everyone was in good spirits and we sat chatting to strangers for ages. I love talking to random people! We went to the Urban Food Fest near Box Park to refuel where we got Tacos and sat on a stoop to enjoy them, I had one of each flavour; beef, spiced halloumi and lemon chicken. They were beautiful.

My phone died for the remainder of the evening but I'll fill you in. We headed to Camden to KOKO to watch the match. It's like an old theatre which has been renovated to a place where gigs are held. It's full of red walls and dark velvet, very Moulin Rouge so of course I loved it. The ratio of guys to girls was a little intimidating especially when the match got started. The language jeez!

You all know how we got on so I won't go into that. But when we did score those boys pretending like I was one of them and I have the bruises and a swollen ankle to show for it. Nonetheless I really enjoyed myself. I should definitely watch football more often! 

This morning we headed to Soho to the Imli Street, around the corner from the breakfast club, for a quick breakfast before I went to pick up a big (and expensive) treat I'd been wanting for ages and some of Dad's favourite aftershave for Father's Day. 

I've had a lovely albeit busy weekend and very happy to be in bed with a hot chocolate and a small ice pack on that ankle. 

Happy Sunday!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Beauty: Glamour Magazine July Issue

I am a self confessed magazine junkie and Glamour is one of the first things I reach for at the beginning of each month. This month they have an excellent freebie - an Eyeko London Skinny Liquid Eyeliner worth £12.00!

My top 3 things when I look for a liquid eyeliner (the cat eye flick is my signature look) are pigmentation, longevity and ease of use. This is very black and pigmented so much so you don't have to keep going over it and it is probably one of the easiest liners I've worked with. As it's like a pen it barely requires any work and it's easy to get lots of precision when perfecting your flick. I think I'm going to go back for the Navy colour later seeing as it's only £2.00 this month.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Lifestyle: 101 in 1001 Days Update!

  1. Learn some Italian (I learnt how to say a few things in Rome!)
  2. Run the Race for Life in under 40 minutes
  3. Go to another concert
  4. Continue blogging
  5. Get a new job (18th March 2013)
  6. Go to a festival (28th June 2013)
  7. Go to the ballet
  8. Read 15 books (it's been a while since I've had time to read) The Great Gatsby
  9. Throw a house party
  10. Go for a weekend away in near the seaside.(Easter weekend 2014)
  11. Save £1000 (April 1st 2014)
  12. Open a savings account (20th February 2013) 
  13. Feel really proud of the body I've got
  14. Go to the Harry Potter studios (10th March 2013)
  15. Colour my hair lighter (5th January 2013)
  16. Have a proper afternoon tea (22nd September 2013)
  17. Complete the 100 day spending ban (to the best of my ability) (Well I saved lots between January-April 2014)
  18. Go skiing or snowboarding (Last time I tried I was 8)
  19. Go away for my 23rd Birthday (2nd November 2013 - day out in London)
  20. Visit Rome (6th July 2013)
  21. Host a dinner party
  22. Try sushi (27th May 2013)
  23. Do a car boot sale (4th August 2013)
  24. Go camping (16th - 19th August 2013)
  25. Go somewhere spontaneously on a whim
  26. Visit Amsterdam
  27. Win the pub quiz just one time!
  28. Save £2000
  29. Send a friend some flowers when they feel upset
  30. Throw someone a surprise birthday treat
  31. Learn Yoga
  32. Volunteer
  33. See another West End show
  34. Go to New York
  35. Run a half marathon
  36. Cut out carbs for at least 1 week
  37. Watch 10 classic films. 1. The Breakfast Club 2. When Harry met Sally
  38. Reach 400 posts on my blog
  39. Donate blood
  40. Take my Nan on a random day out
  41. Go to the Caribbean again
  42. Have macaroons at Laudree
  43. Eat at Duck & Waffle
  44. Get drunk one afternoon with a friend for no reason other than to have a laugh
  45. Volunteer
  46. Cook a Christmas dinner again
  47. Get another tattoo
  48. Try a pole dancing class
  49. See a comedian live again (Jack Whitehall 21st February 2014)
  50. Have a long day at the park with a massive picnic and friends
  51. Visit Camden, Portobello or Spitafields market
  52. Go back to Paris
  53. Go to a Zumba class
  54. Try a green based smoothie (and now addicted)
  55. Make a Christmas cake
  56. Move out of my parents house
  57. Go to a bloggers meet up (Northampton Bloggers Meet 27th April)
  58. Go to a vintage market (Northampton, October 12th 2013)
  59. Stay in a really really swanky hotel for a night.
  60. Go to a Festival (V Fest 2013)
  61. Go a month without drinking (January 2014)
  62. Go a month without chocolate or sweets
  63. Pay off my Macbook (3rd September 2013)
  64. Get a new car (16th February 2013)
  65. Do something so lovely it makes one of your friends cry (with happiness)
  66. Host a murder mystery party
  67. Stay in a cottage or cabin with my friends for a few nights
  68. Go for big party night out in London
  69. Attempt scuba diving (I failed the first time)
  70. Get a facial (15th December 2013)
  71. Go to a spa (8th November 2013)
  72. Bake a pie from scratch (23rd February 2013)
  73. Go to the Art galleries in London for a day
  74. Eat the Church Restaurant in Northampton
  75. Go strawberry picking with my friends
  76. Hit 500 followers on my blog/bloglovin.
  77. Go to laser tag.
  78. Use up 20 of my skincare products
  79. Go on a shopping spree and spend a sickening amount of money
  80. See one of my best friends get engaged (21st December 2013 - My dear friend Rachel)
  81. See one of my best friends have a baby (6th February 2014 - Baby Noah)
  82. Be a bridesmaid again
  83. Go Ice Skating at Rockerfeller Centre
  84. Make some photo albums for the future of my past holidays/trips
  85. Watch the sun rise on a beach
  86. Get a promotion or a pay rise in my job
  87. Cook 20 meals from scratch 
  88. Go to IMATS London.
  89. Go on a proper upside down roller coaster
  90. Visit somewhere in Asia
  91. Make a wish in the Trevi Fountain (9th July 2013)
  92. Revise my French and get back to the level I was at (or better)
  93. Have a cocktail making night with the girls
  94. Buy a product from Nars / Chanel / YSL /Bobbi Brown
  95. Have just one moment where I think live can't get any better then this (Seeing Beyonce sing live with my friends).
  96. Complete a squat/plank challenge.
  97. Go to Barcelona (4th March 2013)
  98. Own a designer handbag. (18th January 2014 - My beloved Kate Spade)
  99. Write someone a hand written letter
  100. Go to a Christmas market in Germany
  101. BE HAPPY
So I set myself the 101 things in 1001 days and I have until October 4th 2015 to tick of as many as I can. I think I've managed to do and see and buy a fair amount don't you? Looking at what is left there are a few things which seem a little far fetched (there are a lot of travel related ones) but I've managed to be lucky enough to already tick off Rome and Barcelona as well as see some people I love reach momentous occasions of their lives which I've been lucky enough to be around for. 

I think the biggest thing for me achievement wise at the moment is my career in event management; I really feel I'm finding my stride in my job and that I'm actually good at it. Which is good because I always want to be the best. Saying that I follow the rule of "work to live and not live to work" so am very excited about things ahead. 

Let's see how much more I can do before Christmas this year!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Beauty: NARS Sheer Glow

NARS Sheer Glow is something I've wanted to try forever as it's reviews seemed to tick all my foundation need boxes. I'd seen the likes of Tanya Burr use it in many tutorials and then my friend bought it and looked amazing. When work gave me some vouchers I sped down to Milton Keynes to House of Fraser (my nearest NARS counter).

I got myself matched to this as when you are parting with over £30.00 you can't afford to have a too light foundation (or dark for that matter). I'm currently shade Medium4 or Barcelona which is perfect for this time of year but after a couple of days in sunshine I may need it a tad darker.

This foundation knocks my socks off. I always thought other foundations made my skin look alright but when I wear this I honestly feel like my skin looks AH-mazing. This is a light to medium coverage which is my favourite. I use one layer for an everyday look but on bad skin days or a night out it's completely build able to something a bit fuller. The finish is a dewy glowy (well duh. it's in the name) look which isn't overly shiny. Sometimes I find with these healthy glow finishes they are a bit too much and you have to add powder which ruins the effect you were going for; my MAC MSF has sat quietly untouched since I bought this.

Something that slightly miffed me is that a high end foundation like this doesn't come with a pump (cheers to the girl who gave me mine for free as I got a few over things)! A foundation like this is more of an investment...I don't think I could go back to anything else now which sucks because this is 3 times more expensive then my beloved Bourjois, so why the hell are NARS trying to squeeze more money out of us. Because they know they can god dammit. Those clever ducks.

My make up collection feels like it's very nearly perfected.