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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Lifestyle: Summer Soulstice 2014

Do you remember when I went to Summer Soulstice last year with my family? No? Here's the post.
As you can see it was glorious weather and even a tan was had.

Not this year.

Rain, rain and cold and rain. Not that it dampened the mood (ok it did for a while but once I got had a few ciders in me that soon changed).

Bracelets: Miss Selfridge

My Dad was asked to DJ this year which made him very happy and I was very proud to be his daughter; I definitely have the coolest Dad out of anyone I know!

"Channelling my inner farmer - nobody looks perfect being in the wet and cold all day"

The food is always great at these things - lots of food trucks serving fish & chips, Caribbean food, pasta, pizza and these wraps! Oh my God it was like chicken, chorizo, halloumi and lots of other great crap all thrown together. 

Again a really great family day out, it's so rare we get to spend time just the four of us so even though the rest of the family didn't go I'm glad we still got to have a fun day out. And an even funnier 4 mileswalk home with Dad pissed out of his head...

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