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Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year Resolutions 2015.

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Happy 2015 Everyone! I have just returned from celebrating last night in Budapest (post to follow) which was amazing. I thought I would review last year's resolutions and set myself some new ones for 2015.

How I got on with 2014's resolutions:

Improve my mental wellbeing.
This time last year I was really struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. I took the right steps to get some help but counselling was not for me at all. I know my anxiety is 100% stress related so caught on I needed to find ways to relieve this in order to help myself. I used a couple of different meditation apps which I did before bed for 2 months which made a huge difference and then tried yoga for a little while in the mornings. I haven't had a panic attack since August and feel really happy that I'm in such a better place now.

Read more books. 
I have definitely taken the time to read a good few books this year. My favourite book of the year was The Night Circus - apart from Harry Potter this is the best book I've ever read and would recommend it to any HP fans.

Spend more time with my Sister.
She's been out the country doing her thing since September but we went to Spain for a week before she went! We Skype all the time and she's coming home next week and I get her for a good couple of months!

Save Money.
No comment.

Blog at least three times a week. 
My workload has increased a lot since there were talks of me changing my job role slightly and as much as I love blogging it is just a hobby for me I have no intention of making money from this; so my job will always come first. That being said I have missed it a lot so I have some plans to get my ass back on here more regularly.

Go Running at Least Twice a Week.
HA. This didn't happen. However I have lost 20 pounds since May and feel a lot better in myself so surely that counts?

2015 New Year Resolutions

Do more of something different.
I've turnt into a creature of habit. Town most weekends, hangovers most Sundays. I want to go to different places and just make some different memories this year.

Use up my lipsticks.
I no longer have space for anymore. I have got to start using up some of the older ones which got replaced by nice new shiny ones.

See more of old friends.
I'm incredibly lucky to say I have a few different groups of friends however you get into a place where you make all your plans with one lot! I'm usually very good at making an effort with everyone but I'd like to arrange some nice things to do with my older friends so I can see some more of them!

Make more of an effort to see and speak my Grandparents.
It's not that I don't see or talk to them but I just want to make more of an effort to give them a call just to see if they've been up to anything nice. 

Get my tattoo touched up. 
I have be happy written on my back and when I got it I didn't get the letters completely joined up in case I didn't like it. I feel it could look slightly better so want to get it altered slightly as it rarely makes an appearance but want it to look good for when it does!

Use Instagram more.
I really want to start recording my memories through some photos so I think Instagram is a quick and says way to do this! I want to print a load off and make a 2015 scrap book.

As for the blog I have a few series of things in mind which I think will help me post more regularly and hopefully give you all something fun to read!

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